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Biological Products

Biotechnology is developing rapidly in China. Biological products, as an important part of modern medicine and biotechnology, play a very important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases, protection and improvement of people's health. Biological products need to go through multiple biological processes, purification analysis technology, to get the target. Physical filtering, with its natural advantages, can creatively complete the task, is an indispensable process for biological products.

Biological products, with microorganisms, parasites, animal toxins, biological tissue as the starting material, most of the source, production process and other uncontrollable factors are too much. The types and quantities of impurities expressed by biological substances cannot be accurately predicted. The number and quantity of substances remaining in the original solution are usually controlled only by the items specified in the quality standards, while other impurities are difficult to be fully controlled. Comprehensive control is the basis of sound production.

Take calf serum for example
Among the main components of culture medium, animal serum plays an irreplaceable role in the growth and reproduction of cells, among which bovine serum is the most widely used and an important raw material in medical biotechnology products. Ensuring the quality of bovine serum is an important link to improve the quality of biological products, and filter element is of vital importance.

Other points of attention in filtration process:
1. Application of crude serum: raw calf serum thawed, 8-9 layers of gauze, removing some sticky substances;
2, filtering, protect the filter: additive step 0.45 1  m prefiltering, step or two prefiltering 2-3  m + 0.45 1  m.
3, finally filtering: 0.22  m and 0.1  m filter in addition to bacteria, mycoplasma, ensure that no bacteria, mycoplasma in finished products. The filter element is subject to appropriate challenge tests and provides integrity test data associated with the results.
4. Integrity detection of 0.1 m membrane filter element was performed before and after serum filtration.

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