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Beer Filtration

About 6000 years ago, the Sumerians discovered a cheerful drink, beer, which became popular all over the world. In order to maintain the unity of beer flavor, freshness and quality, the membrane filtration process needs to firmly control microorganisms and organic matters, clarify, and better vision. Shenzhen INFINI has more than 12 years of development and manufacturing experience, combined with the laboratory can provide Microbiology and validation services to ensure that the products provided are stable and efficient.


Beer is a kind of low alcohol fermented wine with malt and water as main raw materials and hops (including hops products) fermented by yeast. Note: including non alcohol beer (dealcohol beer). According to the industry development and consumption demand, it is mainly divided into: cooked beer, draft beer and fresh beer.


Cooked beer is pasteurized or instant high temperature sterilized beer.


Draft beer is a kind of beer without pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, but using other physical methods to eliminate bacteria and achieve certain biological stability.


Fresh beer is a kind of beer without pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, and a certain amount of live yeast is allowed in the finished product to achieve certain biological stability.



Main filter points and filter element application in beer production:


The clarification and filtration in wort preparation process include bag filter, diatomite paperboard filter, etc., and the use points related to filter element filtration: gas filtration, water filtration and beer filtration.



Gas filtration: air particle filtration, carbon dioxide particle filtration, steam particle filtration.


Pre filter element: polypropylene membrane filter material with high pollution capacity, pleated structure, about 5 μ m in liquid


For filtration accuracy, it can reach 0.3 ~ 0.5 μ m in gas.


Sterilization filter: PTFE monolayer / double-layer membrane or 100% filtration of all kinds of bacteria and bacteriophages, which can be repeatedly online steam sterilization. The absolute filtration precision of 0.2 μ m in liquid and 0.01 μ m in gas can be achieved.


Steam filter: sintered from stainless steel powder, with absolute filtration accuracy of 10 μ m in liquid and 1 μ m in steam.



Water filtration: aseptic water preparation filtration system, which is used for tank farm process water, yeast washing, CIP, bottle washing / wine filling machine cleaning, etc.


System configuration: pre filter PP and other materials, absolute filtration accuracy: 2-5 μ m; sterilization filter PES or nylon, absolute filtration accuracy: 0.45-1 μ M. CIP filtration generally uses PP and other filter materials, with an absolute filtration accuracy of 10 μ M.



Beer filtration: capture filtration, fine filtration and pure draft beer sterilization filtration.


PP filter material is used for the filter element of beer capture filter and fine filter, and the absolute filtration accuracy is 10 μ m and 1.5 μ m, respectively.


Pure draft beer sterilization and filtration equipment is specially used for sterilization and filtration before filling, so as to remove spoilage bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in beer and ensure the biological stability of beer. The pre filtration material is generally PP, the absolute filtration precision is generally 0.5-1 μ m, the sterilization filtration is nylon or PES membrane, and the absolute filtration precision (LRV > 10 ⁷) of 0.45 μ m is used. The integrity of filter element is 100% before delivery.



Note: for detailed technical solutions, please contact your sales engineer.


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