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Wine Filtration

The taste of wine is an organic combination of technology and art. Filtration technology plays a vital role, such as particles, crystals, residues, organic matter, bacteria and yeast microorganisms, etc., which always affect the body, but with a delicate balance, the whole process control is the best solution. Many years of development and manufacturing experience combined with laboratory verification and analysis services, we bring together every solution and product, and apply it to the brewing process, so that customers can get full-bodied wine with pure taste and unique style.


Ripe grape string is the main raw material of winemaking, good wine, the craft is equally important. The brewing process represents as much potential quality as possible in the raw material, and is economical and perfect in the wine.

Wine features:

1. SO2 plays an anti-oxidation and fresh-keeping role from picking, pressing, fermentation, ripening to bottling. SO2 (usually potassium metabisulfite K2S2O5) is also added to wine as a protective agent and antioxidant, which can kill bacteria while protecting the natural fruit properties of the wine and preventing aging.

2. Tartaric Acid, whose scientific name is 2, 3-dihydroxysuccinic Acid, is derived from grape fruits. Its physical properties make it easy to crystallize at low temperatures and produce insoluble calcium salts, etc.


Filtration applications in wine production

1. Clarification and filtration: generally, diatomite filter and paperboard are used for filtration, or the tangential flow filtration system of hollow fiber is adopted.

2. Remove tartarate crystal (potassium tartarate, calcium tartarate) and other particles, PP melt spray or fold filter core, 2-3 m nominal accuracy, 10 m absolute accuracy.

3. Wine recovery: solid-liquid separation system, such as plate and frame filter press, is adopted.

4. Pre-filtration before bottling: PP or GF folding filter element, 0.2-0.45 m nominal accuracy, 1 ~ 2 m absolute accuracy.

5. Sterilizing filtration before bottling: PES/N66/PVDF membrane filter element, 0.45 ~ 0.65 m.

6. Process and bottle washing water filtration: PP large-flow folding filter element with 40 m absolute accuracy, PP folding /GF folding/N66 film/hydrophilic PVDF film /PES film filter element with 0.45 ~ 1.5 m absolute accuracy.

7. Sterilization and filtration of process gas: hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter core, 0.22 m, up to 0.01 m in gas.


Note: For detailed technical solutions, please contact your sales engineer.


Examples of red wine brewing techniques:

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