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Soft Drinks Filtration

Soft drinks have become a mainstream commodity in People's INFINI consumption. However, due to the change of people's consumption concept towards health and safety and the stricter supervision standards of the soft drinks industry implemented by the state, product adjustment and process equipment upgrading are imminent. Shenzhen INFINI's filtration solutions and products cover the standard required for filtration and separation of soft drinks to help customers ensure product compliance, nutritional beauty and maintain unique flavor.

The main raw materials of soft drinks are drinking water, extracts of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants, concentrated liquid, food additives including sweeteners, sour agents, flavors, fragrances, food coloring stabilizers and preservatives, and some add certain gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) to enrich the taste and product experience. In the production process, sterilization, particle and impurity interception, accurate clarification, etc. involved in the process will have an impact on the final product quality, so it is very important to select the appropriate filtration products.
Main filtration process points and recommended filter elements in soft drink production:
Water filtration: specific applications: water for products, CIP water, equipment cleaning water, aseptic filling water, etc. Filtering requirements vary from application to application.
Coarse filter for the removal of large mechanical particles such as sand, PP melt jet/fold filter core, 40-70 m absolute accuracy;
Activated carbon particle capture filtration, PP melt jet/fold filter core, 20 m absolute accuracy;
Ion-exchange resin capture filter, PP melt jet/fold filter core, 5 m absolute accuracy;
For filtration before entering the clear water tank, PP melt jet/fold filter core, GF fold filter core, 2 m absolute accuracy;
Water sterilizing/reducing filtration, PES/N66/ hydrophilic PVDF membrane filter core, 0.22/0.45 m, can be verified by bacterial challenge test for integrity test.
Gas filtration (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) :
Prefiltration of gas: Used to remove particles and protect the subsequent sterilizing filter. PP folding filter element is recommended, with 10 m absolute accuracy, up to 1 m for gas filtration.
Tank ventilation and ventilation; Sterile gas transfer materials, etc. The hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter element is recommended, with a precision of 0.22 m and a gas filtration accuracy of up to 0.01 m. The integrity test can be carried out after being verified by bacterial challenge test.
Respiratory port filtration of sterile storage tank: Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter element is recommended, with a precision of 0.22 m and a gas filtration accuracy of up to 0.01 m.
The purpose of filtration is to remove particles and aerate with high diffusion and uniformity. Stainless steel powder sintered filter element is recommended, with 10 m absolute accuracy, up to 1 m for gas filtration.
Soft drink clarification and sterilizing filtration:
Fine filtration and degerming filtration: deep cardboard filter, or deep cardboard filter stack.
The current new process recommends the tangential flow ultrafiltration step to achieve the purpose of coarse filtration, fine filtration and sterilization. The product has hollow fiber organic ultrafiltration membrane or inorganic ceramic membrane: organic membrane ultrafiltration membrane cannot use strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidant as cleaning agent to restore its flux; Ceramic membrane to strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidant has extremely strong stability, can use chemical cleaning agent, organic solvent or high heat steam to remove pollutants in the membrane, filter membrane long service life, low operating cost.

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