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Dairy Products Filtration

With the rapid development of economy and the change of people's living and eating habits, the production, supply and sales of dairy products show a rapid growth trend, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. The filtration and separation, degreasing, concentration, sterilization and other processes of dairy products should meet the dual requirements of product safety and maintaining nutritional value.
Shenzhen INFINI has more than 12 years of experience in development and manufacturing and excellent technical service team to help customers cope with the consumption upgrade and product structure adjustment of dairy products.

In 2008, China's dairy industry experienced the havoc caused by the melamine incident, which made the industry feel bitter and ushered in a vigorous reform. Today, a modern food manufacturing industry with the world's advanced level is unfolding in front of the world. China's raw milk, fresh milk quality and technical equipment of dairy processing enterprises have reached the world's advanced level.
Milk is a paradise for microbial activity. The advanced filtration equipment and technology plays an indispensable role in the equipment upgrade, product quality stability and variety updating of the dairy industry.

Application of main filter points and filter elements in production:
1. Rough filtration of raw milk, whey and skim milk. The purpose is to remove large particles and other impurities to protect the downstream process. Recommended products: filter bag, replace the filter cartridge, stainless steel basket filter, stainless steel powder sintered or stainless steel mesh filter, absolute accuracy of 40,70,100 m.
2. Filtration of process water. Coarse filtration, outlet activated carbon downstream ion exchange resin downstream. Filter element required: PP melt jet filter element, PP large flow filter element, etc., 2-3 m nominal accuracy, about 10 m absolute accuracy. Capture/clarification filtration, protection of the final filter element, filter element: PP folding, 0.2 m nominal accuracy, 1 m or so absolute accuracy.
Use a Point of Use (POU) sterilizing grade membrane filter to reduce or remove bacteria from the water, as recommended
N66/ hydrophilic PVDF/PES 0.65/0.45/0.22 m, etc.
3. Gas filtration. Process gas and ventilation sterilization filtration, particle removal prefiltration adopts PP folding filter core, 5-10 m nominal accuracy, 0.5-1 m absolute accuracy; A hydrophobic PTFE membrane 0.22 m filter element is selected for the removal of bacteria. The compressed air is used for the removal of oil and water. A gas/liquid coalayer filter element is recommended. High uniformity of blowing: recommended stainless steel powder sintered filter element.
4. Control phage during dairy processing. A double layer hydrophobic PTFE 0.22 m membrane filter element is recommended.
5. Add functional ingredients to dairy products, such as oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, minerals, etc. Membrane filter core, hydrophilic PVDF/PES 0.65/0.45/0.22 m, etc.
6. CIP lye recovery. Recommended products, tangential flow ceramic membrane filter system or large flow PP melt jet filter core.
7. Filtrate and recycle salt water. Remove impurities and denatured proteins from the brine and reuse the brine used to make cheese. Recommended product: Tangential flow organic microfiltration membrane.
8. Other filtration applications, such as ceramic membrane microfiltration technology for milk sterilization, ultrafiltration for milk protein concentration, and nanofiltration for whey desalination, etc.

Note: For detailed technical solutions, please contact your sales engineer.
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