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Packing Water Filtration

Water -- an indispensable nutrient for human beings, water in reality is undrinkable due to various external factors. In order to meet healthy drinking standards, water needs to be extremely filtration intensive while retaining beneficial mineral elements. Water quality varies greatly from region to region. Hangzhou Dali provides efficient and economical solutions based on field water quality to better meet the needs of enterprise reality and development.

In China, the main packaging aquatic products on the market: drinking pure water, distilled water, drinking natural spring water, drinking mineral water, drinking natural water.
The process of each product is slightly different. The production process of packaging drinking water, especially drinking mineral water, is relatively simple. In order to ensure the mineral content, reverse osmosis technology is generally not used.
GB 19298-2014 and GB8537-2018, the national Food Safety Standard for Drinking Natural Mineral Water, are the main standards in the industry, which have strict requirements on microorganisms and added indexes of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa may enter the finished water through a defective filter, so it is very important to select a high efficient and reliable terminal sterilizing filter to ensure the quality of finished water.
For the filter element with microorganism level removed, the bacteria challenge test must be carried out with the international standard bacteria species according to the international standard method and procedure, and the integrity test standard value of the filter element in use must be determined. Hangzhou Dali laboratory has a strict verification test to ensure that the filter element will completely retain the harmful microorganisms such as pseudomonas aeruginosa in the final filtration.
Main filter points and recommended filter elements of bottled water process:
1. Coarse filtration - particle removal filter element: Application point: outlet downstream of activated carbon ion exchange resin. Recommended filter element: PP molten spray, 2-3 m nominal accuracy, 10 m or so absolute accuracy.
2. Fine filter core: suitable for mineral water/purified water to protect the final filter core; Remove 0.5 m-2.0 m particles and other pollutants; Reduce microbial populations. Recommended filter element: PP folding, 0.2 m nominal accuracy, 1 m or so absolute accuracy.
3. Security filter element before RO reverse osmosis: PP melting spray, nominal precision of 5 m, absolute precision of 20 m or so, to remove particles, colloid and other impurities in the water, and meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane water intake SDI less than 5.
4. Final filter element: applicable to bottled water such as mineral water and purified water; Removal of microorganisms that cause degeneration of water quality and are harmful to human health; Recommended filter element: 0.22 m/0.45 m PES/N66/PVDF microbial grade sterilizing filter element.
5. Breathing port filter for pure water storage tank: Recommended filter element: stainless steel shell +PTFE 0.22 m filter element.
6. CIP filter: Recommended filter element: stainless steel shell +PP melting spray /PP folding /GF folding filter element with 2-3 m nominal precision and 10 m absolute precision.
Note: For detailed technical solutions, please contact your sales engineer.
Examples of pure water production process:

Examples of drinking mineral water production process:


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